Rede von Amelia Andersdotter auf dem Bundesparteitag 2013.2

Als einer der internationalen Gäste sprach am Vormittag die Europaabgeordnete der schwedischen Piratpartiet Amelia Andersdotter auf dem Bundesparteitag 2013.2.

Ihre Rede veröffentlichen wir hier in ungekürzter Form.

Honourable chairperson,
Meetings representatives,
Dear pirates,
and friends;

It’s been more than six months since I have last spoken before you. You
have went through wonderful times, in the campaign, and tough times,
when you didn’t reach the goal of having a delegation in the Bundestag.

At the same time, democracy moves on and now we face new challenges
together. In the next year, we will be running for the EU elections. And
they seem to never have been more important.

Many of the discussions in public media of the past year call into
question the utility of the internet, and of the EU. What are we doing
with these things? Can we trust them? Is it where a common future for
all of us lies, or is both the EU and the internet rather places for
manipulation of the many by the few.

The internet is clearly good for sharing culture and knowledge – we
pirates have used the internet to create entirely new grounds for
cross-border, friendly communities at a global level.

It seems less good and less adequate to be using the internet for some
of the other things we are using it for – health care, electricity,
maybe even democracy itself.

Our task for these elections is to find how and why the idea of the
internet still kicks ass.

We pirates must define the problems that the internet is facing, and
present solutions. I stand before you to advocate a European internet
peace agenda.

Rather than giving governments and their police or military endless
and secret powers of control, we should ensure that security flaws are
fixed when they are known. Currently this isn’t the case and in fact law
enforcement contributes to rather than hinders insecurity and distrust
on the internet. This is clearly both stupid and inadequate.

Consumer protection, responsibility, transparency and a level playing
field on the market is the future. Peace through trade, is the idea upon
which the European Union was founded, and it is still a valid plan forward.

But we need also to hold European governments accountable for their
hypocrisies. Many European governments are blocking negotiations on
stronger, enforceable data protection rules. They cannot do this if they
at the same time claim that they support human rights. And we cannot
have an internet of trust, confidence, and future without upholding
these human rights.

The internet can never be the driver of the European economy, and can’t
be a tool to get out of the financial crisis, without clear, enforceable
rules on human rights for industry and governments. Peace through trade
– the old idea of the Union is remanifesting itself through strong laws
in favour of the individual and her rights, and with a clear political
leadership for our societies and Europe.

The net peace agenda is our idea for how we want to co-exist.

But equally important for friendship, peace and cooperation is building
bridges for cultural understanding across borders. This is why we need
file-sharing, and why it must be legal.

It’s never been so easy technically to create communities around culture
and to be friends across borders. Yet large technology companies seek to
make it technically impossible, and politicians make it illegal to stop
these companies from doing so. This is not in the European tradition,
it’s not in the European interest and it’s against our shared values of
transparency, empowerment, cooperation, trade and peace.

So this is what I want to bring here today. The net peace agenda is our
right to decide about ourselves, and our right to decide to be together.
It’s a pirate roadmap for the future of Europe, a future of cooperation,
transparency, human rights and entrepreneurship. It is us creating the
economy and the community that we want.

We make the future, we are the future. Internet peace for the European
countries. This is what we, the pirates, will bring into the elections
of 2014.

Thank you for listening.

[1] Wikipedia-Eintrag Amelia Andersdotter